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Providing DUI defense to clients throughout Southeast Virginia from offices in Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News, and Virginia Beach.

If you've been charged with drunk driving in the Hampton Roads region, you may not be fully aware of what you're up against. There are many Virginia DUI defense lawyers who claim in their advertisements that they fight aggressively, but end up pleading out the large majority of their cases. The fact is, DUI statutes are extremely intricate and mounting an effective defense requires experience and creativity.

The Law Offices of Daniel J Miller, is a leading DUI and traffic violations defense law firm serving the legal defense needs of people in Virginia Beach, Newport News and throughout southeastern Virginia. Our attorneys work diligently to find the best possible options to help you win your case, including technical defenses such as rights violations and questioning breath and blood test data.

A plea bargain is a guilty plea. You don't want it on your record. We don't make pleading out your case our first resort. We search for intelligent solutions and know how to use the technical defenses that less experienced DUI defense lawyers overlook.

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Under Virginia law, you face an automatic license revocation. The criminal penalties for a conviction include:

.08 BAC - presumed impairment

First offense:
One-year DL suspension, up to $2500 fine, SR-22 auto insurance costs

Second offense within 10 years:
10-days jail plus same penalties listed above

Third offense within 10 years:
3-months jail, plus same penalties listed above

0.15 BAC - Extreme DUI
Mandatory 5-days jail, ignition interlock, plus same penalties listed above

+0.20 BAC: Super Extreme DUI
Mandatory 10-days jail, ignition interlock plus same penalties listed above

We Are Your Complete DUI Defense Legal Team

In addition to DUI defense and underage DUI defense, we also represent drivers charged with related criminal offenses, including criminal vehicular assault or homicide and related traffic violations such as reckless driving and speeding.

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