What Are the Possible Defenses to Drug Charges?

Have you been charged with drug possession? Whether the offense involves controlled substances or prescription drugs, drug crimes carry significant penalties, particularly in the state of Virginia. The nature of the charge—whether possession includes the intent to sell or another type of charge, our Virginia Beach drug crime lawyer can help you decipher which possible defenses may apply to your charges.

The Right Defense for Your Case

For the most part, the penalties for drug crimes, and possession, in particular, are similar across the board. To form a defense, a Virginia Beach criminal defense attorney reviews the facts and witness testimony, and evidence. A lawyer may also evaluate whether or not law enforcement committed errors or there were other mistakes made during the investigative process.

These are some of the most common defenses to possession charges:

  • The evidence was obtained in an unlawful search and seizure
  • The drugs that were recovered do not belong to you, and you had no knowledge of their placement or location
  • The crime lab analysis determined that the drugs were not illegal
  • The drugs that were seized became lost or misplaced
  • The drugs were planted to frame the defendant
  • The defendant became a victim of entrapment

When faced with charges of this magnitude, having a Virginia Beach drug crime attorney offering support to you is essential. If you have been charged, you have every right to protect yourself, particularly if you believe that the accusations have no basis, or you were falsely accused.

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