Most Common Holiday Crimes

While the holidays can be fun, you’re usually tired, sleep deprived, and overworked during this time of year. Most criminals are counting on you being the distracted or stressed when they commit their crimes, which is why the holidays are most often when criminals strike. Below our Virginia Beach criminal attorney lists which crimes are most often committed during the holidays.

1. Home burglary – While home burglaries occur year around, they often increase during this time of year. When thieves break into a home, their goal is to grab as much as they can, as fast as they can. During the holidays, families often have expensive items under the tree, which make them a target for burglars. Protect yourself by taking precautionary measures to keep your home safe. Always make sure windows and patio doors are locked before leaving the house.

2. Scams – During the holidays, criminals prey upon other people’s giving, charitable spirit to make some quick cash. They set up outside retail shops and claim to be from various charities. Unsuspecting shoppers donate hoping to help out the charity the person is posing for, but little do they know, their money is going straight into the pockets of scammers.

3. Shoplifting: Parents, desperate to provide the best holiday season for their children are often enticed into shoplifting when they cannot afford the presents their children ask for. Shoplifters take advantage of the huge crowds and chaos to keep retail associates distracted.

For more information on common holiday crimes or if you were arrested for a crime during the holidays, contact our Virginia Beach criminal lawyer.