Developing a Criminal Defense Strategy

If you’ve been accused of a crime, it is important to align yourself with a proven defense attorney who can help you develop a winning strategy for your case. Everything you tell your lawyer is confidential, so it is important to inform your defender of your whereabouts and actions during the crime. Based on the facts you provide and the investigations conducted by your legal team, a strategic defense will be built on your behalf.

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Informing Your Defense Attorney

Typically, defendants approach their situation in one of three ways:

  1. Admission of guilt: A full admission of guilt is when a defendant admits that they committed the crime. “Yes, I did break into my neighbor’s home through the window and stole their TV,” would be a full admission of guilt.
  2. Denial of guilt: A full denial of guilt is the inverse of a full admission of guilt. This is a complete denial of whatever crime they’ve been accused of. “I didn’t steal my neighbor’s TV. I was out of town visiting friends. I couldn’t have stolen it,” would be a full denial of guilt.
  3. Admission and explanation of the crime: An admission and explanation of the crime is a hybrid of the two explanations listed above. It typically involves admitting to a portion of the crime, but denying another aspect of it. For example, “I did take their TV due to the neighbor asking for me to fix the antenna, but I used the spare key I was given. I didn’t break in, and didn’t smash their window,” would be an admission and explanation.

Developing Your Strategy

Based on the information above, you and your attorney will create a workable strategy to defend you against the charges that have been made in your name. The goal is to obtain the most favorable outcome possible, whether this means dropped charges, lesser charges, or even a plea bargain. How is this done?

  • Your attorney will ask you about the details of your arrest. Did they forget to inform you of your right to remain silent, or your right to legal representation? Did they question you without a lawyer? If so, anything you said or wrote in a statement may have been obtained unconstitutionally, and your attorney could use these facts to discredit the arresting officers and throw out your statement.
  • Your lawyer will also analyze the evidence of the crime as a whole, including any evidence the prosecution might use against you. For example, does the prosecution have a witness to the crime? How did the witness identify you? Your attorney will use all of these factors to present you in the most favorable light possible to the judge and jury.

Overall, your attorney will work with you and act in your best interests, whether that be lessening the charge, reducing the length of your sentence, or even expunging your record after conviction. Therefore, it is important to be open with your criminal defense lawyer, and work together to create the most promising strategy for your case.

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