So, You Violated Your Probation...

Not showing up for a designated court appearance, missing a check-in with your probation officer, committing an offense that led to arrest… all of these are in direct violation of the terms of your probation. And, without the proper legal representation on your side, all of these can result in serious consequences.

If you’ve been found in violation of your probation, you must prepare for the following:

  • Probationary Officer’s Decision
  • Probation Violation Hearing
  • Probation Violation Sentencing

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Probationary Officer’s Decision

After a violation has been filed, your probation officer can pursue a variety of avenues as far as consequences go. Past violations and their severity can affect the way in which your probation officer proceeds. The punishment could be as minimal as a warning, or as serious as being summoned to court for a hearing.

Probation Violation Hearing

During a hearing, the Prosecutor will present a variety of evidence in order to prove you are guilty of committing the violation. This is also when your attorney will present an argument in your defense. In order to find you guilty, the court must find “preponderance of the evidence,” meaning the likelihood of you violating your probation is more than 50%. In addition, factors such as severity of the violation, previous violations, and seriousness of the original crime may factor into whether or not you are found guilty of the violation.

Probation Violation Sentencing

Should you be found guilty of a probation violation, the court will issue a sentence. This will occur shortly after your probation hearing. After considering the severity of your violation, the court may mandate a longer probation time, establish additional terms for your probation, charge a fine, and/or issue a small amount of jail time. At the discretion of the judge, your probation privileges can be revoked, and you will be sent to prison to complete the remainder of your original sentence.

It is important to note that you, as the violator, have certain rights regarding your violation hearing, including the right to an attorney, the right to be heard in front of a neutral judge, and the right to present evidence to defend your case.

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