How DUI Can Impact Employment

Not only can a DUI conviction in Virginia result in jail time, fines and license suspension, having a permanent mark on your criminal record can have a negative impact on employment. The following post is an overview of how a DUI can affect your current job and future employment prospects.

Applying for a New Job

When you are applying for a new job, the potential employer may run a background check on you. If the employer notices a DUI on your criminal record, you may lose an opportunity which you otherwise were qualified for. In most job application forms, there is a section where you must disclose any prior convictions. If you complete this section, there is a high possibility that your application may be placed at the bottom of the pile or discarded without consideration. On the other hand, if you do not fill out this section and the potential employer discovers that you have a criminal record after conducting a background check, you will lose the job opportunity due to dishonesty.

Already Employed

The effect a DUI can have on your current job depends on the severity of the conviction and the specific job that you have. Any conviction that is punishable by a lengthy jail sentence will most likely result in getting fired from your job.

Many professional licenses, such as for attorneys, doctors, nurses, teachers, commercial drivers, and even plumbers require that an arrest must be disclosed to the licensing agency. Depending on your agency, a DUI can affect your license. In other words, if you lose your license, then there goes your job.

As far as indirect consequences, there are plenty. For instance, if your driver’s license was suspended as part of your DUI conviction, commuting to work can be more difficult since you have to rely on costly ride-sharing services or slow public transportation. If you are constantly tardy, you could lose your job.

Furthermore, if you are still undergoing the criminal justice process, you will miss work for court appearances and possibly for mandatory alcohol treatment. If you are constantly calling out of work, you could be terminated for excessive absenteeism.

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