10 Tips to Avoiding a Spring Break DUI

Spring break is, ironically, one of the most exciting events of the school year. This wild college tradition is the perfect excuse for students to shut their books and enjoy a week-long destination vacation. The perfect spring break getaway is different for every young vacationer. For some partygoers, this means exploring LA’s rocking nightlife scene, traveling to Hawaii’s picturesque beaches, or experiencing Florida’s world-famous attractions. Other adventurous travelers may decide to go crazy in Cancun or take an educational Eurotrip.

No matter the destination, you’re likely to ferret out at least one memorable party and countless excuses for recreational drinking. However, all good things require a little moderation – especially if you’re in an unfamiliar location. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that intoxicated drivers increase the traffic fatality rate by 23% during spring break. Another equally alarming fact is that excessive spring break drinking leads to 4,300 underage deaths each year.

The Dreaded Spring Break DUI  

Your life can also be ruined if you’re pulled over for driving under the influence. Your first DUI offense counts as a Class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia. If you’re convicted, not only will you be slapped with fines reaching up to $2,500, you’ll also have your license suspended. If you’re arrested with a BAC of .15%, your sentence could even include jail time.

Per Va. Code §18.2-266.1, “It shall be unlawful for any person under the age of 21 to operate any motor vehicle after illegally consuming alcohol. Any such person with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.02 percent or more by weight by volume or 0.02 grams or more per 210 liters of breath but less than 0.08 by weight by volume or less than 0.08 grams per 210 liters of breath as indicated by a chemical test.” This is also a Class 1 misdemeanor punishable by fines, community service, license suspension, and a life-changing criminal record.

At The Law Offices of Daniel J. Miller, we want you to have a safe and DUI-free spring break experience. To help you plan a successful trip, we’ve compiled this list of useful spring break drinking tips:

  1. Research the local liquor laws before taking a swig
  2. Establish a drinking limit while you’re still sober and ask a friend to help keep you in line
  3. Stick to the golden party rule: come with your friends, leave with your friends
  4. Keep one eye on your glass at all times to avoid drink tampering
  5. Don’t drink from open beverage sources
  6. Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  7. Don’t get in a vehicle with someone you know has been drinking
  8. Pace yourself, take water breaks, eat food, and avoid excessive drinking
  9. If you plan to drink, assign a designated driver or plan to use a taxi or rideshare service (some companies provide discounted rides during spring break)
  10. Don’t walk outside alone if you’ve been drinking – call a taxi or rideshare driver

Rely on Trial Tested & Aggressive Representation

In Virginia, spring break is characterized by a high number of teenagers and adults being arrested for DUI offenses. Whether you require legal representation for your first DUI or underage DUI, The Law Offices of Daniel J. Miller is ready to represent your case. Our lawyer has been representing the residents of Virginia for over 15 years. With our help, you can challenge your charges and secure a favorable case outcome that protects you from criminal and administrative penalties.

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