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Assault and Battery Can Paint a Dangerous Portrait We Look Beneath the Surface to Find the Motivation Behind the Accusation

Assault & Battery in Virginia Beach

What Is Assault & Battery in Virginia?

In the minds of many people, a conviction for assault on your record unfairly puts you in the same category as the most violent criminals. Even fifth degree assault and battery tells people that you are dangerous and can't be trusted to hold your temper. If you have been arrested for assault and battery, you need to fight aggressively to prevent a felony charge on your record.

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The Law Offices of Daniel J. Miller is one of the prominent law firms providing criminal defense for residents of Hampton and communities throughout the Virginia Beach region. Assault charges are often filed out of fear, anger and even revenge. Do not navigate the legal system without our help; call our lawyer today!

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Our attorney can look beneath the surface of the charge to find the motivation behind the accusations. We do everything we can to prevent a felony charge and work hard to help you get the best possible outcome, including alternatives to jail time.

How to Proceed

Don't wait until the police have filed charges. Investigating assault charges often depends on evidence at the scene and talking to eyewitnesses. Evidence in your favor gets stale and time is often important. If you are being questioned about a bar fight, domestic violence or other physical attack, talk to our experienced lawyer immediately.

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Our defense attorneys have more than 20 combined years of trial experience with violent crimes, including:

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