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Bond Hearings in Virginia Beach

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The last place anyone wants to be after being arrested is sitting in a jail cell. Daniel J. Miller understands just how serious and overwhelming the situation is. He can offer some guidance to help you overcome this difficult time.

Remember that not everyone who is arrested is offered bail. Take this opportunity to obtain solid and trustworthy legal representation to bring about a successful outcome of your bond hearing.

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Making Sense of the Complex Legal System

Bail bond hearings are an intrinsic part of the justice system. Because the laws can often be complex and difficult to grasp, understandably you might feel lost and confused about what should happen next. Not all criminal offenses will be eligible for bond, however; these may include violent crimes or drug crimes, as examples. These offenses often entail significant penalties and are often not eligible for bail.

Other factors that may determine whether or not a person is eligible for bail:

  • The person’s risk of hiding or fleeing from law enforcement
  • Whether or not the individual poses a threat or danger to the public

If the accused person seems likely to flee and escape arrest, jail, or conviction, then a judge may be reluctant to issue bail. Allowing for that moment of freedom presents a risk that the person could commit another crime or repeated offenses.

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By having a lawyer to represent you, you have an ally during the bail bond hearing. The focus is on helping you or your loved one to be released. It is important to highlight the individual’s good character, contributions to the community, employment history, and other positive attributes to display the accused in the most favorable light. By doing this, the judge will be more like to set bail and help you or your loved one walk freely and stay out of jail.

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