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Computer Crimes in Virginia

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According to Virginia state law, it is illegal for individuals to knowingly trespass onto a computer network, use computers to invade another person’s privacy, or commit fraud. If you have been charged with a crime under The Computer Crimes Act, you should seek legal counsel immediately. At The Law Offices of Daniel J. Miller, we have extensive experience handling computer crimes cases; our Virginia Beach criminal attorney has 20+ years of experience defending the rights of clients in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas.

What is The Virginia Computer Crimes Act?

The Virginia Computer Crimes Act is state legislation that lists various specific criminal offenses. Below are of the offenses included in the act.

  • PII Theft – Using a computer to trick someone into giving you, his or her personal identifying information is considered illegal under the Computer Crimes Act.
  • Spam – Sending unsolicited advertisements through email or other social platform to collect PPII.
  • Computer Fraud – This is the act of using a computer to steal or embezzle money or other property. This could be using the phishing scams or other by other means of false pretenses.
  • Harassment – Cyberbullying could also fit under this category. This includes the act of stalking, intimidating, or coercing a person through their computer.
  • Invasion of Privacy – Gaining access to a computer network to review confidential files or other information.

Penalties for Computer Crimes

Computer crimes charges are considered a wobbler; meaning you could be a charged with a felony or a misdemeanor depending on circumstances of your arrest.

Misdemeanor Computer Crimes Charges

  • If the value of property stolen or the services totaled less than $200, you could be charged with a class 1 misdemeanor.
  • Computer trespassing is considered a Class 3 misdemeanor unless damages are more than $2,500, than it could be bumped up to a Class 1.
  • You could be facing Class 1 misdemeanor charges if you are arrested under computer harassment charges.

Felony Computer Crimes Charges

  • If the property value of the assets stolen in your computer fraud case are more than $200, you could be charged with a Class 5 felony.
  • Computer trespassing with damages over $2,500 could be considered a Class 6 felony

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