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Being accused of domestic violence is very serious and can be devastating if you are convicted, as you may be prevented from seeing your spouse or your children. Domestic violence charges are taken very seriously, so it is of the utmost importance you get a skilled lawyer to represent you.

Have you been falsely accused of domestic violence by your spouse, partner, or someone of close relation to you? It is imperative that you hire a Virginia Beach domestic violence defense lawyer right away. Whatever the individual circumstances may be in your case, you will need a lawyer who can build an effective defense strategy on your behalf.

We Fight Domestic Violence Charges Including:

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Effective Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

At The Law Offices of Daniel J. Miller, we defend clients who have been accused of or charged with domestic violence in Virginia Beach and all of Hampton Roads. We have witnessed the effects that charges of domestic violence can have on an individual and their family. It is important that you act quickly when you have been charged, as this gives us enough time to begin gathering evidence and putting together a workable strategy.

It is important that you keep any evidence you may have, such as:

  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Letters
  • Photographs

Frequently Asked Question

What happens after a domestic violence arrest?

After an arrest for domestic violence, police will gather all the necessary details regarding the scene. Witness statements will be recorded, and criminal background checks will be run. If the police arrest you, you will want to contact a Virginia Beach domestic violence lawyer as soon as you are able. The next step would be an arraignment hearing. During this time, you will be formally advised of any charges against you and you will be asked to enter a plea to charges.

What if my spouse wants to drop the charges?

Law enforcement will interview your spouse regarding the incident to determine why they have changed their mind. Your spouse will likely also meet with domestic violence advocates who will encourage them to pursue the case.

What is a No Contact Order?

One condition of bond release is for the judge to issue a no contact order. A no-contact order requires the defendant to have no contact with the victim for a specified amount of time. If the defendant breaks the no contact order, they could be charged with an addition crime, or have their bond release revoked and have to return to jail.

Domestic Violence in Divorce

It is not uncommon to hear about false accusations of domestic violence when two parties are fighting over child custody or other related matters in divorce. If you choose to hire our firm, we work to protect your rights and ensure that you understand your options. With more than 20 years of experience practicing law, our Virginia Beach domestic violence attorney is dedicated to providing you with high-quality legal representation.

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