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If you are currently being investigated for or are facing charges of armed robbery, you need to know the facts. Theft crimes are taken very seriously by the justice system, especially when the allegations involve robbery—the attempt to deprive another of their possessions—as well as the threat of using force, intimidation, or other violent means. An armed robbery sentence in Virginia could mean spending the rest of your life in prison.

Obtaining skilled legal representation from a criminal defense attorney may be your best asset in combatting an allegation of armed robbery. You have the right to fight your armed robbery charges. Call our Virginia Beach armed robbery defense lawyer today to discuss your legal options for armed robbery in Virginia!

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Penalties for Armed Robbery

To be charged with armed robbery, prosecutors have the burden of proving that the theft occurred while the alleged victim was present. If there was a weapon uncovered, this might only enhance the armed robbery sentence further. Armed robbery is considered a felony and carries numerous consequences.

The consequences of an armed robbery conviction may include:

  • Minimum 5 years in prison
  • Up to life imprisonment
  • Probation
  • Restitution to victims

A criminal conviction on record is permanent and damaging to your reputation and future. Prosecutors are relentless in their pursuit to secure a conviction, and the laws can be immensely unforgiving. Furthermore, jurors tend to be less sympathetic towards defendants, especially if there may be any acts of aggression or violence toward another person in the case. For those who are being convicted of armed robbery, your armed robbery sentence in Virginia can increase heavily if someone is fatally injured. We cannot stress enough the importance of having an experienced Virginia Beach armed robbery lawyer.

Your First Source for Premier Defense

There are a variety of ways to defend these types of charges. At every level, no matter how serious your case may be, our Virginia armed robbery lawyers have been there right alongside numerous clients. You need an advocate who not only stands up for you but also comforts and guides you through every phase of the trial process.

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Case Results

A Track Record of Success
  • Brandishing Firearm and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon Violent Crimes

    Our client, a passenger in a vehicle was stopped incident to an alleged brandishing event. The vehicle pulled into a parking lot and all occupants fled on foot and multiple firearms were found. Our client later turned himself in. The charge was dismissed due to the inability to prove constructive possession.

  • Assault and Battery Violent Crimes

    Our client was alleged to have been involved in a fight in a shopping center parking lot and each party took out charges against each other. Based upon inconsistencies in testimony and the direct evidence presented by our client, the Court dismissed our client’s charge and found the opposing party guilty.

  • Case Dismissed Concealed Weapon

    Our client was charged with carrying a concealed weapon. We were able to successfully negotiate a plea deal where the Court took the matter under advisement and dismissed the charges after twelve months based upon the client's good behavior and completion of community service.

  • Case Dismissed - Time Served Assault of an Officer

    Our client was charged with two counts of an assault of an officer, breaking and entering with the intent to commit an assault, resisting arrest, possession of a concealed weapon, and assault and battery.

  • Case Dismissed Assault of a Juvenile

    Our client, who runs a daycare, was charged with the assault and battery of a minor child left in her care. Upon cross-examination of witnesses, the court came to the conclusion that the injury could not have been the product of an assault as alleged and the case was dismissed.

  • Case Dismissed Assault of a Police Officer

    Our client was charged with assaulting a police officer after he allegedly elbowed the officer in the throat while trying to break up a fight. We proved that the officer's version of events was inconsistent and not credible. The case dismissed.

  • Case Dismissed Carrying a Concealed Weapon in an Airport

    Our client was charged with carrying a concealed weapon in an airport after security testified that they found a four-inch switchblade in our client's bag. The court granted our motion to strike and dismissed the charge on the grounds that the knife did not properly fit in the list of weapons prohibited in the charging statute.

  • Case Dismissed Assault & Battery of a Family Member

    Our client was charged with two counts of assault and battery of a family member. We were able to elicit that the stories were inherently incredible and show that they had motive to lie. Both counts were dismissed.

  • Case Dismissed Extortion by Threat

    Our client was charged with extortion by threat. The complainant was indicating that the Defendant falsely accused him, the owner of a tanning salon, with peeping into her tanning bed. The parties signed an accord and satisfaction and the charge against both my client and the complainant were nolle prossed.

  • Case Dismissed Bomb Threats

    Our client was charged with making a bomb threat. We proved that although they were able to track the call to our client they were not going to be able to say with any certainty whether it was our client on the other line. The case was dismissed.


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