How to Choose a Trustworthy DUI Attorney for Your Defense Case

drinking while driving

A single driving under the influence (DUI) conviction in Virginia can be enough to strip you of your driving privileges, as well as put you behind bars and remove thousands from your finances in fines paid to the state. Needless to say, it is crucial that you always do what you can to protect yourself from the heavy, and often overzealous, hand of the law. A good starting point in any criminal defense case is retaining the services of a professional defense attorney. But where do you start with that task? Picking a reliable DUI attorney can be a challenge in and of itself, unless you know a few smart tips.

When you are looking for a DUI defense lawyer, keep these considerations in mind:

  • Experience: There is no substitute for real experience handling DUI defense cases. An attorney can read all the books in the world about DUI defense but know less than a newcomer who has actually managed just one for a client. Try to find a lawyer who has both many years of legal experience and a history of DUI cases successfully handled.
  • Focus: While you are looking a Virginia DUI defense lawyer, you are bound to come across many law firms that handle criminal defense cases as well as family law, immigration law, personal injury claims, and all other types of practice fields. This might be a fair way to run a law firm but it is not ideal for someone who needs just a DUI attorney. Finding a legal professional that intentionally focuses on criminal defense and that’s it will prove to be your benefit.
  • Communication: Don’t you hate it when friends and family keep you out of the loop for plans, hangouts, and the like? It happens to all of us, but it certainly should not happen when considering something as important as your rights and driving privilege. Only work with a lawyer that will actually makes an effort to keep you in the loop as your case pans out.
  • Reputation: A lawyer who knows what they are doing will catch the attention and collect the praise of past clients and professional organizations. If you can browse a DUI attorney’s awards and client testimonials, this will give a good idea about their abilities.
  • Cost: At some point, you are going to need to consider if you are getting a good value for your dollar when hiring a DUI defense attorney. Some law firms charge a clearly exorbitant amount, and others ask for payment that is suspiciously low, which could be a reflection of their confidence and ability to win a case. Reasonable legal fees worked to benefit the client are a trusted sign of dependable service.

At The Law Offices of Daniel J Miller, we believe that our firm’s lawyers should be your first choice of representation due to the fact that they excel in all the above categories and more. With 25 years of legal experience under their belts, our attorneys have an impressive history of positive case results backed by 5-star client testimonials. We strive to be highly responsive when working with our clients, returning all calls within a reasonable amount of time and keeping our clients up-to-date with all changes in their case as it progresses. We are also known for providing competitive pricing for our legal services, friendly discounts for military service members, and accept all major credit cards for client convenience.

Let’s start discussing your case during a free consultation. Call (757) 267-4949 or use an online contact form today.

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