Don't Wait Until You Are Arrested to Get Help

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If you are under investigation for a crime, it is essential you get the legal help you are entitled to before an arrest takes place. These situations are best combatted with serious preparation, planning, and organization. Waiting until you are arrested before enlisting the help of a Virginia Beach criminal defense lawyer is not the best way to handle what could snowball into a contentious situation, one which will be difficult to come back from.

Though you have not yet been arrested for your crime, this does not mean you are in the clear and that you have time to waste before you gather your defenses. This is why the advocacy of a strong-minded and experienced criminal defense lawyer can help save you from an otherwise unfortunate legal strike on your record. Our team at the Law Offices of Daniel J. Miller will work to protect you, your name, and your reputation.

Here are just a few reasons to hire an attorney before you are arrested:

  • Case evaluation – At the Law Offices of Daniel J. Miller, we can answer any and all questions you have about your case. Everyone’s circumstances are unique, which means you won’t be finding the correct answers online or through other means. We can help strengthen you defense, evaluate evidence, and strategize how to improve your chances.
  • Avoid interrogation – One of the worst mistakes you can make is saying too much during police questioning. Oftentimes, evidence isn’t even what incriminates you--it's what you say to the police. You may think you are cooperating with law enforcement, but you may very well be making things worse for yourself. This is why it is vital you exercise your right to an attorney as soon as possible to get a jumpstart on clearing your name.
  • Gathering defense evidence – There is evidence out there that contributes to you innocence, and an experienced attorney will be able to find it.
  • Bond court planning – If you have an impending arrest, we can make it far easier for you. A skilled attorney will request a scheduled surrender date, so the police don’t surprise you at home or work. Also, an attorney will obtain a prompt release on bond.

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Waiting until you are arrested to get legal help is one of the worst mistakes you can make. With the help of our lawyers of the Law Offices of Daniel J. Miller, you can rest assured you will be getting professional and reliable legal counsel. Our unparalleled work ethic is entirely dedicated to helping you see the light at the end of the tunnel during this difficult time.

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