November Drug Busts in Virginia

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November is usually associated with autumn colors, a gentle fall chill, and a festive Thanksgiving dinner. However, state law enforcement agencies are rewriting this narrative by organizing and executing massive drugs busts across the state of Virginia. At present, over 100 state residents have been arrested for crimes relating to drug possession and drug trafficking.

“Operation Appalachian Action”

On November 8, 2018, Wise County’s Sheriff Department collaborated with the Southwest Virginia Regional Drug Task Force to arrest 30 people who are facing charges for 40 drug-related crimes. According to Wise County Commonwealth Attorney Chuck Slemp, “Operation Appalachian Action” was a 15-month endeavor that culminated to “provide hope for citizens of Appalachia and Big Stone Gap, ensure justice for drug offenders, and fight for the safety of this wonderful community by taking dangerous illegal drugs off the street.” Over half the charges filed involve the distribution of Schedule I and Schedule II drugs, including methamphetamine, addictive prescription drugs, and synthetic drugs. Other serious charges involve the distribution of drugs near school, properties.

Operation Thunderstruck

On November 13, 2018, the Norfolk Police Department announced that they completed a 3-month long narcotics investigation called “Operation Thunderstruck.” Throughout the investigation, police issued 159 warrants against drug traffickers and charged 59 people for distributing illegal drugs in Virginia. Chief Larry Boone claimed, “This operation should serve notice that the trafficking of illegal narcotics will not be tolerated in the City of Norfolk. The Norfolk Police Department will continue to run these types of operations and those who deal narcotics on the streets of our city will be targeted and arrested.” At present, 15 suspects are still being pursued by the police.

Operation Valley Fog II

On November 14, 2018, police in Waynesboro began the process of arresting 51 people for drug charges and other associated crimes. According to the Waynesboro Police Department, the purpose of “Operation Valley Fog II” is to disrupt the sale and distribution of methamphetamine and various opiates. By November 15, 2018, the operation ended with 25 of the 51 suspects in custody. However, police are still on the trail for the remaining suspects and are executing warrants as necessary.  

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