5 Child Custody Pitfalls to Avoid

A child being held by his mother

Child custody is often the most challenging part of any divorce arrangement. Both parents have their views on what is best for the children, and many times those views are not in alignment.

There are five situations concerning child custody that every parent should try to avoid to make the child custody process move smoothly and generate the best possible outcome for their children.

Do Not Make Threats

Threatening to withhold visitations is not going to make the process easy. Each parent has the right to be involved in the upbringing of their children. Trying to keep your child’s other parent away without just cause will only make custody more difficult. Additionally, this doesn’t look good in the court’s eyes. To them, you are not thinking of what’s best for your child.

Try to be Accommodating with Schedules

As former spouses, you know what the work schedule is like of your former spouse. Making unreasonable care and visitation demands will not be beneficial to your case. Find ways to compromise with requests. If you are adamant about spending a certain holiday with your child, let your ex-spouse pick a holiday they would like to have visitation time with.

Avoid Unreasonable Demands

You cannot demand that your former spouse only participates in selected activities with the children. The children have the right to have full enjoyment capacity when they are with either parent. In fact, the court believes that it’s best if the child is able to have a loving relationship with the bot of their parents.

Do Not Make False Accusations

Divorces are very emotional for all parties involved. Making false statements against the other parent to prevent them from seeing their children will only make the entire process worse.

Always consider the best interest of your children. Parents need to remember that divorce is very hard on children. Every effort should be made so that the children are happy and secure. Both parents should set their personal feeling for each other aside and do what is right for the children.

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