Social Media and Your Custody Case

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Since social media has become a staple of life for many people, it's no surprise that it could affect legal court cases. More specifically, a child custody case could be impacted by a post or even liking something on social media. Even a seemingly harmless post you share could be used against you.

What You Should Avoid Sharing on Social Media During a Custody Case

The judge in your case and your spouse have the right to use what you've said on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media websites against you in court. That's why you should avoid posting certain things online. Some other things you should avoid posting on social media can include:

  • Posts or photos having to do with alcohol and drugs
  • Changing your status to single before the divorce is finalized
  • Sharing information about a new relationship
  • Angrily venting about your ex

Also, you sholld make sure your profile settings are set to private and you should unfriend your ex if you haven’t already done so. Second, you should refrain from sharing anything about your court case, even if you weren't explicitly told not to by your attorney or the judge.

How Social Media Can Affect Your Custody Case

Social media posts could significantly impact the court's decision on child custody matters. All it takes is one little post on any of your social media accounts to sway the court in your prior spouse's favor. If you want to be extra careful, then it's best not to post anything at all until the entire process is completed.

For example, you are an excellent parent. You have the time, resources, love, and patience to care for your children, but your ex doesn’t think you should have custody. Therefore, they might seek out evidence to prove you are not fit for custody. To do this, your spouse or their attorney might look through your social profiles to see if there is anything that could be incriminating against you.

Need a Lawyer? Call the Law Offices of Daniel J. Miller!

There are plenty of other things you should avoid sharing or talking about on your social media. If you have any doubts about whether your social media presence could affect your child custody case, do not hesitate to contact one of our lawyers at The Law Offices of Daniel J. Miller.

We can provide you with more details on the kind of evidence that can be used against you in court. Our attorneys understand that going through a divorce and custody case can be a lot of stress, which is why we want to help you navigate the court process and protect you and your children's best interests.

Contact our offices online or by calling us at (757) 267-4949 if you are concerned about how your social presence can impact your divorce.

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