Valentine's Day, Divorce, & You—When Do People File for Divorce in the US?

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Unbeknownst to many, the period leading up to and around Valentine's Day is actually one of the most popular times of the year to file for divorce in the US.

If you're considering filing for divorce, understand how the process works in Virginia can help you move forward with your case. Today, we're exploring why so many people get divorced at the beginning of the year and taking a look at what you can expect if you file for divorce in Virginia.

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I Resolve... to File for Divorce?

For many people, the New Year is a time of contemplation. There's a reason why making New Year's resolutions is so popular. Many people use the start of a fresh new year to reevaluate where they are in life currently and where they want to go next.

For individuals who don't feel supported in their current relationship, the impetus of a new year can be the necessary motivation to file for divorce or call it quits.

There's also the fact that most people become more cognizant of their taxes when New Year's rolls around. Individuals who want to file for taxes individually will want to finalize their divorce before tax returns are due, and being put on a deadline can give some people the push they need to finally file for divorce.

The Holidays Make Issues More Apparent

The number of issues the holidays can cause for married couples seems endless. It's not uncommon for couples to fight over:

  • How, when, and where to take a vacation (if one is planned);
  • Whose family to visit;
  • Whether family coming to visit causes issues for either party;
  • Scheduling issues if one spouse has seasonal work;
  • What kinds of gifts to get (and for who);
  • Activities like gift-giving (if money is tight);
  • Feelings of resentment if the holidays don't turn out as planned;
  • Other issues that the spouses may have ignored but now have time to discuss due to time off.

In general, the holidays are actually the most stressful time of the year for many Americans. It's little wonder, then, that the end of a potentially stressful holiday season also coincides with one of the busiest months of the year for divorce filings in the US.

Valentine's (& Other Holidays) Are Just Around the Corner

There's a reason we're writing this in February. At the beginning of the year, spouses only get a brief reprieve before other holidays, such as Valentine's Day, demand their attention.

This can create a sort of "race" to file for divorce before more holidays roll around. Nobody wants to get a divorce around or soon after Valentine's day, or near other holidays that may be important to spouses (like Mother's Day and Father's Day).

This can create a sense that the only time to really file for divorce is "now," so to speak. Many spouses follow through on that instinct, choosing to file for divorce during January or the beginning of February.

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