New Virginia Law Targeting Systemic Bias

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Virginia recently became the fourth state to expand the definition of racial discrimination to include traits that are historically associated with race. Moreover, the Commission to Examine Racial Inequity conducted an investigation that revealed discrimination that spanned across several sectors, including the criminal justice system, the economy, health, education, environmental justice, and housing.

Leveling the Playing Field

Even after segregation was legally banned, 70% of families resided in largely segregated neighborhoods. In fact, when the Fair Housing Act was passed, the committee discovered that the black-white homeownership gap was larger today than it was back in the late 60s. The laws that went into effect now and in the past are all designed to tackle structural racism and level the playing field.

Thus far, the report called for the following:

  • Closing the gap in accessible health care for immigrants
  • Collecting more data regarding racial disparities in bail decisions, pretrial hearings, and pretrial incarceration and sentencing
  • Creating a tribal liaison at the state agency to handle environmental regulating and permitting
  • Loosening restrictions on voting rights for those convicted of felonies

Although the commission’s work started back in 2019, these new laws are still just scratching the surface of systemic bias in the state. However, it is a step toward helping people of color and the persistence of racial disparities in everyday life. During a time when racism in the criminal justice system is under a heavy spotlight, these changes can pave the way toward a future that includes a narrative of equality.

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