Legal Minute - Domestic Violence

In this video, Attorney Daniel J. Miller examine domestic violence.

Domestic violence may constitute any number of assault and battery crimes that occur between family members. While many people are wary of procuring an attorney for assistance in these matters, it is much safer to hire representation if you have been charged with domestic violence than to face this kind of accusation alone.

Ultimately, your fate is going to be in the hands of a judge, and having no idea which way that judge is likely to lean, it is important to hire a skilled lawyer, even if you are innocent of this offense. Under Virginia state law, the commonwealth does not require corroborating evidence to pursue a domestic violence case. This means you can be convicted of domestic violence simply on the word of a family member.

By hiring an attorney, you will be able to document the facts of your case from the very beginning. You will also be able to receive documentary evidence, such as doctor’s records and 911 recordings, that may reveal inconsistencies in the testimony of the alleged victim. Remember, winning a domestic violence case is all about getting credible evidence that favors your account of the events in question.

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