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The Penalties for Operating an Illegal Internet Pharmacy
The Penalties for Operating an Illegal Internet Pharmacy

The process couldn’t be simpler or more convenient: with just a few clicks of a mouse, a customer can order prescription drugs from an online pharmacy without ever setting foot in a doctor’s office. Sometimes, no prescriptions are needed, and no questions are asked. But the ...

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Blog posts in Drug Crimes

  • November Drug Busts in Virginia

    November is usually associated with autumn colors, a gentle fall chill, and a festive Thanksgiving dinner. However, state law enforcement agencies are ...

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  • Marijuana Laws: Understanding Virginia’s Slow Path to Progress

    In recent years, public opinion has swayed in a positive direction when it comes to medical and recreational marijuana use. In fact, a poll released ...

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  • Common Internet Crimes

    Although the internet can be used to stay connected with one another, keep up with current events, shop, do business and a host of other things, it is ...

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  • Medical Marijuana Laws in VA

    Although cannabis has become legal for both medicinal and recreational in many states throughout the country, Virginia is not one of them. However, ...

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  • What Is the Difference Between Constructive Possession & Actual Possession?

    Actual possession charges occur if you are found by police and appear to have direct, physical control over drugs or other illegal substances. ...

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  • Defense Against Date Rape Charges: Everything You Need to Know

    According to the Code of Virginia, rape is defined as a sexual act done against a person’s will, by force, threat, intimidation, or by way of the ...

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  • Arrests for Ordering Marijuana by Mail

    Ordering marijuana by mail can land you in serious trouble. If caught, you will face state-level charges at the minimum. Many people believe they can ...

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  • Escalated Penalties for Selling Drugs to Minors in Virginia

    It is not altogether uncommon for a judge to reach for maximum allowable sentencing options when penalizing someone convicted of a drug crime ...

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  • When Do Police Need a Warrant to Search Your Home?

    Were you aware that police do not always need a warrant to search your home or business? There are a number of factors that may justify the search of ...

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