Legal Minute - Do You Owe Child Support?

The parent with primary physical custody is entitled to child support and can file for it at any time. Support is due and payable from the time of filing, even if your court date is months in the future. If you are the non-custodial parent, you should be aware of this, because arrears, or back payments, can be applied retroactively after your court date.

To find out how much you are paying, you can consult the Virginia child support guidelines. Under these guidelines, factors like the number of children you have and the income of both parents will be considered and used to establish a payment amount. The payor is responsible for keeping track of their payments.

But what other factors are considered? What if the payor is not paying? Get answers about how child support works by watching our short and easy to understand video from former attorney James Weaver and The Law Offices of Daniel J. Miller!