Legal Minute - Protecting Yourself During Divorce

In this video, Attorney James A. Weaver of The Law Offices of Daniel J. Miller breaks down the process of a “pendente lite hearing.” This is a rush hearing that provides you protection if you are going through a divorce. A spouse may request a pendente lite court order to receive protection from harassment, or to receive financial protection (i.e. preventing one spouse from abruptly emptying a joint bank account, or abruptly cutting off utility or phone payments.) You may also request a pendente lite court order for temporary spousal support, or temporary child custody, child support, or visitation. The purpose of these temporary protective orders is to ensure a sense of security and certainty leading up to a final divorce decree. At The Law Offices of Daniel J. Miller, we have extensive experience in pendente lite hearings. Contact our Virginia Beach divorce lawyers now, and we may be able to schedule a pendente lite hearing for you within 7 days.