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Can You Expunge a Criminal Record?
Can You Expunge a Criminal Record?

Can You Expunge a Criminal Record? A criminal record can be a huge burden. Not only does it carry a stigma, but it can also make it difficult to obtain employment, enroll in higher education, or build credit. Depending on the crime, some people can have their records legally ...

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Blog Posts in 2019

  • What Happens When You Violate the Terms of Probation?

    What Happens When You Violate the Terms of Probation? Depending on the crime, and the discretion of the judge, a person may receive probation as a ...

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  • What Is the Quickest Way to Divorce in Virginia?

    Unfortunately, in Virginia, there is no ‘quick’ way to divorce. State laws dictate you must be legally separated from your spouse for at least 1 year ...

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  • Virginia Custody Laws: Can I Relocate My Child to Another State?

    In Virginia, there are no parental kidnapping laws in place. If you and the other parent of your child have decided to split up, you are completely ...

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  • Virginia Visitation Laws

    Going through a divorce is rarely easy, and this is compounded when there are children involved. You obviously want what is best for your children, ...

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  • Are the Penalties the Same for Alcohol- and Drug-Related DUIs in Virginia?

    In Virginia, driving under the influence of a controlled substance of any kind is illegal. If you are caught driving a vehicle after consuming alcohol ...

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  • What Is the Difference Between Fault-Based & No-Fault Separation?

    Legal separation and divorce are similar in that they work to legally end a marital agreement. While divorce is a permanent end to this agreement, ...

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  • Helping Your Kids Through Divorce

    Divorce can be a difficult concept for children to process. Children grow up seeing their parents every day, and when that changes, children have a ...

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  • Virginia Divorce 101

    People may enter marriage with the best intentions, but sometimes things don’t work out, and married couples turn to divorce. However, this is the ...

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  • How Long After a Slip & Fall Can a Lawsuit Be Filed?

    When you are the victim of an accident that results in injury, such as a slip and fall incident, your number one priority should be to seek medical ...

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